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      Hi all,

      I’m usually known around here for putting the odd few LUAS pictures online, though those who’ve delved deeper into my site know that it’s mainly about Irish buses.

      Anyway, when putting up a Photo of the Week today of the 16 terminus at kingston (Ballinteer) I couldn’t resist doing a walkaround, and adding in a few bits on how the geography of the local road-layout and landscape was totally changed by the carving of the M50 through the nearby foothills, and how one particular place, the old Ticknock Cross, has totally vanished, it’s former geographical location now being in the air.

      I thought you guys might appreciate it, being as how you have a very vivid awareness of place and space.



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      How sad 🙁 . My father often talks about it when driving through this place – his childhood stomping ground. My equivalent would be the Rathmichael church area, just off Shankill – the place is totally gone. Now I know how my da feels. Tis like memories being deleted.

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