Whats the consenus on the Ulster Bank Pyramids?

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      Whilst not as ungainly as the Ulster Bank
      Po’Mo’ chunk in front of them, buildings this size should be sited further down the quays where they might look less cluttered and better proportioned…

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      true, they might be trying just a little too hard to fit too much accomodation on the one site. the tara st. station redevelopement does little to provide a contrast in scale. as a result both buildings may suffer. they will compete with each other visually in the all-important height factor.

      the pyramids themselves are a surprising addition to the city. i perhaps have some reservations about their form, but they seem very crisply detailed which is always wecome.

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      They provide a welcome exclamation mark in the skyline.
      However, nono is right – when(!) the Tara St. redevelopment goes ahead that block will be a bit obtrusive.

      The block will be be a bit isolated – with much more low rise buildings surrounding it.

      Perhaps the redevelopment of Hawkin’s House should be a bit more ambitious. The new roofline is an improvement but the whole building still remains stocky – maybe some sort of vertical axis would provide an echo of the Ulster Bank turrets.

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      I agree, walking up from Clarion Quay this morning the ‘rockets’ shimmered like the emerald city – aah brave new Dublin. Pity that this glimmering building is marred by the city in the background!

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      The view down Amiens st past Busaras is interesting now Budgie Wharf is nearing completion – it looks like a morass of med rise towers

      So – Hawkins house, Liffey House and the Tara St thing in addition to Georges Quay (also another lower one on the corner opposite Tara st station) – Tara St seems to be simultaneously lifting off.

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