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      The proposed development by DCC on the site of the present park on Dame Street at City Hall. I looked up the planning register but it seems that nothing further happened after the plans were put forward in 2001?

      The CIE tower at Tara Street.

      The renovation of the Royal Dublin Hotel (I suppose they are waiting for the end of the tourist season)

      The revamp at Busaras… permission granted in April. Waiting for the end of the Luas works.

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      Wasn’t there a glowing article in the Sunday Times ages ago about that Dame St dev?

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      I thought permission was lodged for work on the Royal Dublin Hotel a few months ago?

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      ….Or the planned pedestrian link on the axis of Exchequer St. into Dub Castle, with associated new public spaces on the castle side…

      or the refacing of the Stephen’s Gn centre…

      or the revamp of Hawkins House…

      or the infill courthouse building for Upper Ormond Quay near the Four Courts…

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      Were Murray O’Laoire not doing up drawings for the Hawkins revamp?…has it been lodged for PP yet?…Frank McDonald had an article about it.

      The Dame St project is at late tender drawing stage or possibly tender selection stage.

      I think the Busarus working drawings are still being drawn.

      Is the infill court on Upper Ormonde Quay that wasteland DCC site? If so, I believe it’s recently been sold to a developer.

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      I would imagine the Hawkins House project will be shelved due to the decentralisation of the D of Health. I cant see the OPW spending a fortune on a building when they can sell it and let the private sector do it.

      Its interesting that the CC is actively building office space in th city. Is this really a valid role for them to play. Liffey House looks great but it is still tenantless. Surely the CC should be putting their resources into other areas rather than adding to the city’s building stock.

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      Yes, that wasteland on the quay was where thw gilroy macmahon Family Court (decided in ’98) was to be, but it looks like it’s not going ahead now.

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      The Dame St project is taking a long time alright, the plans were drawn up ages ago now.

      Still think the State should lop off the top couple of storeys from Hawkins before flogging it, I think its mid-rise height is as equally offensive as its architecture and condition, especially when coupled with O’Cll Bridge House.
      The same with the Dep of Agriculture, peeping over Govt Buildings as it does – who the hell granted permission for that height, an unbelievably reckless decision, even taking into account the condition of Govt Bldgs at the time.

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      The Department of Health is supposed to move out of Dublin – but no new location was ever specified for it in the great decentralisation plan.

      (Sort of equivalent of waiting for a bed to turn up, I suppose)

      So Hawkins House is awaiting some decisions, as to location, decentralisation.

      As the state only recently bought it, it would look very bad to sell it again, so nothing too likely to happen to it in the next few years.

      Plenty of time for us all to cherish it until it becomes a heritage building.

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