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      weekend wander

      fri 8th- mon 11@ahh wan in the morning


      finish work ( designing a refuge for homeless women in dublin, the only one that takes in drug users, loving it ) pints,good talk, laugh, nitelink, sleep



      awake, cook fry for myself and dad, talk to friends and family, email, archeire, ORAISTE, dit artrail, saloua stuff, read book (the mind of god, exploring SCIENCE, ART, RELIGION ) bus to town


      kurdish hungerstrike stuff,hmv check music, ilac, get cash while listening to chemical brothers from shop, get shoes, bike shop closed so still no bike,


      chat, listen to david kitt, head to meet saloua and hien for 2.00,


      half hour late, ducklings in pond, get books ( eco design, hertzberger, bauhaus), look at thesis stuff,


      hugh lane art gallery

      francis bacon studio ( great, choas, crime and bad stuff pics,lots of ideas for thesis, computer systems; like athens project),

      moore street,

      vibrant healthy multi cultural living) eat chinese chilli chips in chinese cafe, chat with aislinn re proposed wander to some limerick pub,
      3 cds for £22, beth orton for aislinn, van and the waterboys for me ( 2 fine finds),


      lads gaf,
      chat, strokes, britney download, MORPHEUS,

      back to aislinns

      6 dutch ( dutchy aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh law )

      aislinns aris
      drink, chat, laugh, music, 4 in a taxi

      late, messing, go

      leos gaf
      mad party, people dance till @ 9, watch sunrise, announce FIELD OF LOVE 2001, draw pics on walls of gaf, leo gives me blue spraycan, infinity symbol, my number, CLARE, go with a waven pipe up the road

      lads gaf
      roof, mess, inside, @ 1 hour sleep

      back to aislinns
      piranha ice pop, awake, mess, 2 hour sleep
      salaoua calls at 3.45, arrange to meet at bridge over canal beside hogan stand to go to kilkenny offaly game, the cats and the biffos,

      public route, train,

      watch game, read abortion ship article ( met joep van lieshout, the artist/ architect involved before ), head to grahems pub

      nice and quiet, meet paddy

      denzills @ fenian street
      wait, head

      great music (christy moore, the dubliners, teh fureys etc ) , meet the dixie chick and the yankee, leave the pub with the dixie chick and the yankee, stuff to do, see francis bacon exhibition and jack b yeats`s “MEN OF DESTINY” ( my fave painting)

      denzills again
      best weekend in a long time, no ale only water and orange, hulio, karoake, sing “suspicious minds”, the king rocks, loose chix to 2 lads, arrange to meet tomorrow,

      wander the streets
      the window, grafton st, geroges st, emmanuela ( MILIARDO ), breda and bodhran, no nitelinks ( crazy to think the public transport service is so crap here, what kink of capital/ country do we live in ), huge taxi queue, walk home, ifsc = dead ( we need it to be a 24 hour living zone with lots to do and therefor safe with lots of people, ie a playspace for the city ), amiens street flats @ canal incident ( whereby on passing 2 lads who seemed drunk and were messing/ fighting each other, one of which was holding a bottle in his hand and not in a drinking way but with a striking grip, i heard a sudden feet shuffle, i turned ” what the **** are you looking at you CUNT “, I get ready to dart away as quick as possible, walk on more words, look back and see lad with bottle being held by other lad, keep walking v quickly, heart beating, such are the risks of city living, similarly i was away from home for 9 months, during which time i worked in germany and traveled overland to india, nothing bad happened me, i come home to dublin and 2 nights later get smacked over the head in fibbers, result being a permanent scar on my head ), see pigeon house towers, decide that they are the focal point of the city and come up with a possible scheme for my thesis,

      home @ 1.30
      safe and tired, all asleep, sketch ideas re thesis, computer, pk, megadeath gig with my cousin, ORAISTE, napster ( sepultura, aimee man, yo la tango, mogwai, kila, lambchop, chemical brothers, kitser) agus sin e

      wander is leaving A with no idea of what and where B is, and no idea of the route to take but simply enjoying the process

      similar to creating art

      happiness is not a state you arrive at
      its your method of travel

      the man who loves his job
      never works a day in his life

      “architecture is about creating, designing, working with and understanding SYSTEMS”


      this is posted on http://www.archeire.com and my website http://www.oraiste.com

      all feedback welcome

      i believe in the ideal of working for a just world
      a just world is a sustainable, peaceful and FUN world

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      Well Done!……it’s good to be young and learning

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      John Callery

      Fine piece Duncan, reads like an updated version of Leopold Blooms walk around Dublin City in Ulysses. Since Leo’s one day walk about town we still have – Moore street (still here) and as you state now “vibrant healthy multi cultural living”. Rialto and Inchicore will / are developing along similar lines – “vive le difference”. Bridge across the Royal Canal, still flowing, still standing but so much could be done with and around the “old naler” (canal).

      “Public transport service is so crap what kind of capital do we live in”?

      All agree on this – In Leo’s day Dublin had an advanced tram system that ran from the city centre out to Blessington in Wicklow, Lucan to the west and out to Howth Head , all over the city centre and to each Dublin suburb.

      “Ifsc = dead”

      Agree, great success this office development but totally dead and all gone after 5pm and over the entire weekend / long weekends are really long in its office zone.

      I have being on the mitch from O’Ds for a while, must drop in, are the lads still playing at the front of the shop ? When “the trad”/ jar / banter are flying no one minds the crush !

      Pidgeon House Flues – much under-rated Dublin landmark !

      There actually stands 3 distinct boiler-houses. Pidgeon House 01 (Victorian times) – had originally 11 boilers and eleven flues. The structural outline of this building still stands now stripped of its roofing – great things could be done with these old structures – maybe worth some thought for your thesis (over pints in Campion’s ) on the other side of the Liffey.

      Pidgeon House 02 (coal fired and which was decommissioned in the summer of 1962 and had to be fired up again the same year as the winter was so harsh ) also stands complete with its two much smaller flues then the present Pidgeon House 03. (Oil fired until 1985 now fired on natural gas).

      Travel and wander down this part of the old docks on a Sunday afternoon and let your imagination fill in the vibrant activities that once thronged this still the focal point of Dublin’s energy and power.

      If you can (and I have being fortunate to do so) sail up the river and view the potential of these old powerhouses from mid-stream.

      Enjoy your wander down the docks.

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