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      Barry Hall

      Anyone know what is the legal status of an ‘Urban Design Framework’ – advertised under section 20 of P&D2000 which refers to Local Area Plans. If this UDF was advertised in this fashion with all the usual public participation etc. – is it not a Local Area Plan by another name?

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      As far as I know, the only statutory plans are LAPs. Everything else, including (presumably) UDFs, are non-statutory, so even if it goes through identical channels it won’t have the same force.

      I am open to correction on this, though.

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      Would I be correct in saying then that a UDF in an Irish context is a wish list of how a particular area should be developed – an effeort to flesh out the detail in a Local Area Plan or Development Plan.

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      in my view the product of an urban design framework is a masterplan, a more fleshed out detailed plan – the UDF (in my view the same as an LAP however as mentioned earlier one is stautory the other non stat) presents in broader detail the development potential.

      UDF’s can be adopted through a variation/contravention to a development plan therfore becoming statutory

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