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      In terms of old trees, can anyone enlighten as to the protections afforded, and conditions under which these can be removed (analagous to buildings in RPS).

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      @d_d_dallas wrote:

      In terms of old trees, can anyone enlighten as to the protections afforded, and conditions under which these can be removed (analagous to buildings in RPS).

      This may not be of any help to you but,,,
      The large trees on the opposite side of the river from Mercy Hospital and Lee Maltings (those on the banks of the river shielding the Old Bottling Plant from view) are protected. I believe they appear on the list of protected structures on the Cork CIty Council Website. As such, I believe they are given the same protection as man made structures.
      These trees are rightly protected as they form an imposing structure of mature trees along the banks of the river. Bet than a dumb old building anyday 🙂

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      Yet the London Plane trees on O’Connell Street were not protected so I would say it’s very unusual for them to be so listed.

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      The trees on O’Connell St would have been difficult to protect as most plans that I am familiar with have an indicated ‘Tree preservation designation’ which is generally linked to a specific plot (site) or section of a plot.

      As O’Connell St is not a land holding in the strictest sense of the word and is held by the people responsible for drawing up the plan it was always highly unlikely that these trees would be subject to a tree preservation order.

      To find tree preservation designation you would probably best off looking at the legend in the development plan maps for a symbol indicating protection for a particular area as opposed to list of specific trees.

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      I suppose what I’m really after is the process of removal if a tree is on under a preservation order. The tree in question was removed under dubious circumstances, so it’s too late to save it but for future reference…

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      firstly im suprised there wasnt more outrage on this forum about the removal of the trees on the citys main street,they survived the 1916 rising but couldnt survive modern planning!
      secondly who decides to remove trees who has this power(anywhere),like whats to stop me going out into my estate and just chopping down a few trees?

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      if memory serves, the trees were planted post-1916 and thus have no historical value relating to the rising.

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      Paul Clerkin

      besides we’re more concerned with actual built structures and in my opinion chainsawing some trees was a small price to pay for the redone O’Connell Street…

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      Walking down Cuffe Street today for the first time in ages, noticed it has an entire canopy of mature trees. They do serve to hide the hideous flat complexes on either side as one perambulates forth.

      Other hideous Dublin streets could do with them

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      I agree. I used to live on Kevin Street, Cuffe Street is almost, dare I say, nice sometimes. The trees give it a modicum of order – gladly robbing it of that wild-west openess that treeless, flat-ridden Dub streets often have.

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      Westmoreland St is ruined by trees, some beautiful upper floors forever hidden (in summer at least…)

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