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      just wondering if anyone knows any company that manufacture Timber Glazed Handrails for a stair-case.

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      Try some of your local joinery companies. In my experience it’s a ‘team effort’ with a glazing firm supplying the glass, which will need to be suitably laminated and toughened, and the handrail / balustrade arrangement and the fitting of the glass being carried out by the joinery company or staircase manufacturer. Quite often a joinery will quote you for the whole job. Make sure that you have detailed your handrails and balustrades properly, as the glazed element gives you little room to manouevre, and also ensure that the whole arrangement is up to scratch as far as Building regulations are concerned – handrail height etc. Is it a new build or a renovation ? Have you got details from your Architect ?This will make life a lot easier when dealing with a joinery.

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      yes, i was thinking to myself that might be the best idea for it. though the client has changed there mind once again about it, so the glazing is not required anymore.
      A company called brit-fab do some nice stuff. http://www.britefab.ie/

      thanks for the help.

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