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      Yes it’s offical, the sash is making a comeback, and, IN WOOD!

      I know its difficult to belive, but the first piecesof wood to grace a facade in Rathmines for 30 years are being installed right now!

      As the attached pic will confirm, (because you would’nt belive me otherwise), this house on the Lr Rathmines Road is having PVC TAKEN OUT, and wooden sashes put back in, true to their 1830s originals.

      I could’nt belive it when I saw it happening, I wanted to run up the steps and congratulate the owner, only that it would just be weird and I’d probably be arrested…again…

      Anyway, I’ve noticed a few houses (only I can’t remember where, having proper original sashes installed.

      Is this a Quiet Revolution?

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      Ahhh, can’t get pic working, have to wait I’m afraid.

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      For it’s here I am an Orangeman, just come across the sea

      For singing and for dancing, I hope that I’ll please thee,

      I can sing and dance with any man, as I did in days of yore.

      And its on the twelfth I long to wear the Sash My Father wore.


      It is old but it is beautiful and it’s colours they are fine.

      It was worn at Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen and the Boyne.

      My Father wore it as a youth in the bygone days of yore

      And its on the twelfth I long to wear, The Sash My Father wore.

      For it’s now I’m going to leave you, good luck to you I’ll say,

      And when I’m on the ocean deep, I hope for me you”ll pray

      I’m going to my native land, to a place they call Dromore.

      Where on the twelfth I long to wear the Sash My father wore.


      Whenever I come back again my brethren here to see,

      I hope to find old Orange style, they will always welcome me.

      My favorite tune’s ‘Boyne Water’. but to please me more and more,

      And make my Orange Heart full glad with the Sash My Father wore.


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      I knew it! I KNEW IT! OH MY GOD IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Death to PVC!

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      I noticed a house near where i live is ripping out the newly installed PVC windows (They were installed by the previous owner) and replacing them with wooden sash windows.
      On quizing the new neighbour she explained that in germany (where they have moved from) They no longer make PVC windows bacause they are believed to release toxic gasses and as they are completly sealed allow no air in and have just become so unpopular.
      Lets hope this will happen in ireland soon.
      Having said that I wouldnt want to see every house in the country with wooden sash wondows!

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      The 12th is approaching folks… get that orange paint out and give those sashes a lick.

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