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      I was in the Helix last night. In contradiction to ly last Thread about silver being the new brown I do like it alot. The entrance hall of foyer or whatever you wish to call it is a really nice space and the higher you go it opens up more. The blue neon outside though i’m not to impressed by. I thought if they could change it, run through the colours of just even red, blue green etc it might look better.

      Another thing, prior to The Helix what was the last theater built in Dublin?

      PS. I went to see Bright colours only It was very good.

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      The last one to be knocked down would be more like it. Look what they did to the magnificient Theatre Royal – build the bloody awful Hawkins House office block in its place.

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      In order of latest First!
      Moat Club – Naas
      Mermaid – Bray
      Draiocht – Blanchardstown
      Pavillion – Dun Laoghaire
      Civic – Tallaght
      Project – Temple Bar

      I’m sure I’ve missed a couple – Lots of spaces and not much to put in them – performances or audiences..

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      Paul Clerkin

      Thats the current problem in arts circles… loads of venues built over last few years and no funding for the organisations who would use them…

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      The Helix looks great, but I have to register my disgust at its inaccessibility for disabled people. I went with some friends to a show in The Theatre – one of our group has difficulties with steps.
      We were told there were none. There were, loads, between us and our seats near the front. No ramps, no other options. Climb down the steps or sit in one of the TWO shit seats at the very back, like a leper.
      Oh, and there is one disabled parking space within easy reach of the front of Helix. And it was blocked on the night.
      It’s 2003 and this is a brand new, flagship building that I’m sure will get all sorts of awards. Undeservedly, if it can’t do something as simple as let people with less than 100 percent mobility enjoy a show with their friends with a bit of dignity.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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