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      I’ve been requested to post this here. I personally to be honest don’t know much about it, only that it’s criminal that vandalism on this scale can happen to so called protected structure’s right under the noses of of both the Government buildings, The OPW and Labour Party head office.

      To anyone that appreciates Georgian Architecture, the following letter would appeal to you.

      Since the 1960;s we have seen vandalism of rows upon rows of Georgian houses in areas such as Fitzwilliam St, (ESB) Mount Joy SQ, and Gardener St.

      We actually thought that all this destruction would come to an end with the Derelict Buildings Act 1990 which was drafted in for this purpose with penalties of up to €1.27 million and or prison sentences to 5 years.

      An example of the above legislation being enforced was the destruction and forcefully rebuilding of Archers Garage which was a grade A listed building.

      Unfortunately the Hume St Hospital complex is currently slipping through our fingers as we speak irrespective of the above legislation..

      To Whom it concerns,

      The former Hume Street hospital (which also consists of four of the cities’ most important protected architectural and historical structures) is currently being ransacked.

      Hume street is almost 250 years old, these structures were in existence during the revolution of 1798, the Irish Famine, the time of Charles Stewart Parnell and Daniel O’Connell, The 1916 revolution of Irish Independence, World War I, World War II, the Battle of Hume Street, the destruction of Wood Quay and the recession of the 1980s.

      Lead is being stripped from the roof, which will cause irreparable water damage to the interior. Pipes, water tanks, copper and general fixture and fittings are being pillaged from the building. The interior is being destroyed by criminal opportunists.

      While one might like to point the finger at these hoodlums, we believe that the current owners, whomever they are, their inaction is their action is in effect an attack on the people of Ireland and the culture and architecture of our beautiful capital city.

      Recessions of the past have led to the destruction of large parts of the historical architecture of Dublin, including Mountjoy Square, Gardiner Street, buildings off Merrion Square among others. We cannot allow this to happen again. Legislation has been introduced that should ensure that this does not happen, however, no authority appears to have taken appropriate and necessary steps.

      The Derelict Buildings Act 1990 provides for financial penalties for those who allow/ prevent buildings from becoming derelict. Under the Planning and Development Act 2000, owners or occupiers of protected structures who endanger the structure or who fail to carry out work can be liable for fines of up to 1.27 million euro and/or a term of imprisonment of up to five years.

      It would appear that no individual, authority organization or entity has taken the responsibility for protecting this supposed “protected structure”.

      We wish to create awareness of the destruction of this section of Hume Street, so that a professional contractor is employed to begin emergency repairs. It will be a matter of weeks before rainfall permanently damages the interior of these buildings. Therefore, we wish that this work carried out immediately so as to avoid any further damage.

      Please ask all of your friends and colleagues to join this page. If they are not on facebook can you select and copy this to an email and send it to as many people as possible.

      Yours Sincerely

      Peter J McCarthy
      Maeve McCarthy
      Frank McCarthy
      Brian McCarthy

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      The place is in a pretty bad state inside. Some of the ceilings have already collapsed due to water damage as the roof has been badly damage by thieves stealing lead from the valleys. To get onto the roof they have smashed a number of windows and sky lights leaving more open areas for water to get it. They have stripped most of the copper inside, pulling fittings and radiators off the wall to make it easier for themselves.

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      One of the ciling roses on the floor:

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      That’s pretty shocking! Who owns the buildings now?

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      Paul Clerkin

      Interesting – NAMA can apply to the courts “to repair or make secure any building or structure on the land.”

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      At least NAMA can go straight to the courts and not via the Irland’s politically correct planning process when dealing with protected structures.

      I was involved with a Listed terrace and despite years of neglect by a Government Department and the wholesale degradation of the upper floors, needing significant intervention just to keep the whole terrace standing and the facade from falling into the street, the Inspector receommended refusal.

      You could punch the transverse wall on the top floor and it would move a half an inch and the inspector witnessed this.
      You could stick three fungers easily into the friable brickwork on one of the party walls and I showed him this.

      Having been assessed to current standards, the building should have already fallen down and we were taking a risk just walking around.
      Yer maun, Carl Kent I think it was, still recommended refusal – luckily the board saw the sense in what we were doing.

      As for NAMA going to the courts, the legal profession are not philistines – many of them are living (as opposed to working) in listed buildings themselves, so they know a thing or two about them from a practical as well as from an aesthetic point of view.

      And they know a thing about timely intervention.


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      I just hope the fire alarm system is in full working order and insurance is in place. :think:

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      Paul Clerkin

      The thing is we don’t know for absolute certain than NAMA has a stake in it – it’s an educated guess.

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      @onq wrote:

      the legal profession are not philistines – many of them are living (as opposed to working) in listed buildings themselves, so they know a thing or two about them from a practical as well as from an aesthetic point of view.

      Lol – that’s the biggest larf I’ve had all week.

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      MIchael Kelly wanted to restructure the loan last year.. can’t imagine he did

      I am one of the campaign starters and there has been some progress with making contacts behind the scenes…This is not the only historic building in Namaland. It will probably be a political shove in the end to get the council in…. though one source (I won’t name) say they are following it up immediately.

      I worked next door in the RHA studios for the past 4 months and, though familiar with the roofscapes it just suddenly was a mess about 3 weeks ago. I heard trucks in Bell’s lane late one weekend and didn’t question it. The Gardai have been very quiet, but they were looking for CCTV from the Dept. of Justice and Law Reform … how embarrasing. I sent emails with all this info and more to NAMA, AIB, Gardai press office, Minister etc..

      It is so sick – I even said I’d get a team up with plastic sheeting and I wouldn’t have to break in as the place is open. The other thing for the neighborhood is syringes and the place being used for “whatever” – right there amongst all those gov offices. A front door is on the latch for God’s sake. A neighbor paid for the railings on the portico – it had turned into a home.. I know people need places, but it was a mess and I don’t blame him. We had a series of breakins in December all around those 2 streets.. the gardai aren’t Mr. Kelly’s private security service.

      Michael Kelly is totally unsresponsive and disrespectful to his neighbors
      MIchael Kelly won’t respond.. ……..end of rant –

      our campaign

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      I work in the general area of those buildings and have had a few conversations with some of the RHA artists, local residents and business owners, and even with the Dublin City Council Conservation Officers. It seems clear that the property’s owner isn’t particularly bothered about the damage, or even to his own liabilities. At least one of the front basement doors has been fully smashed in and we’ve been told that once inside, the entire property is accessible. Access is also easy from the rear laneway, if you are willing to climb a few downpipes. A similar problem exists at Aldborough House, a massive late 18th century Mansion on Portland Row. The lead and copper were stripped last year and the interior is now nearly totally ruined. Dublin City Council have been pressing the property owners, some of whom have gone bust, and they have issued Enforcement and Endangerment Notices. Still nothing has been done.

      One would think that a location like Hume Street/Ely Place would be relatively safe. There is a diverse mix of offices, flats, houses, restaurants, government offices, etc sprinkled around the old hospital site, but still the vandalism happens without any bother. Without an interested and active owner, it is very difficult for the public authorities to assert their “authority”.

      We’ve been told that Dublin City Council would be encouraged, or prodded, to act if pressure was put on the local councillors, etc. I guess the Labour Party officials have been somewhat busy as of late, perhaps they’ll notice what’s going on just outside their rear windows now?

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      HUME STREET UPDATE – good and bad news

      BAD – they have been in the past two weekends and removed the rest of the lead – both from the front parapet and attached to adjacent buildings – SICK

      GOOD – finally talked to Labour TDs and councillors directly and it is now High priority – also met FG TD on way to dinner or to negotiations with Labour (Hume st IS beside the seat of power in this great city of ours) and passed on info …he said get onto local TD who tends to very loud about planning… get her on the blower with the owner…

      This is knocking on doors stuff, sending emails, acting like a neighborhood vigilante. I am thinking of sitting out in my van next weekend as security.

      G*d help poor Arldborough house being out of the way like that. But Hume street has very few residents and it is the weekends that the thieves come. One resident saw guys go in at 3 am – called the Gardai, the drove around , left , then later two guys walked out front door with black bags and got into taxi !!!!!???????

      anyway we have to change the legislation and stop these heritage criminals, both bad developers and dealers, thieves of lead.

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      Here are some photos of the state of Hume St Hospital.

      What’s next? Sir Patrick Dun’s? Baggot St Hospital? The Eye & Ear? The HSE (just like the old EHB) won’t pay for maintenance, so let old buildings become so decrepit that they can no longer be used. Better go take photos of the others while they are still in use….

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