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      eslam elsamahy

      What is the effect of technology in forming the architectural designing process?
      im taking about the technology from the point of tools that the architect use in prepering the idea of the design and its effect on form.

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      Everything will look kinda funky

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      Rita Ochoa

      eslam, a good exemple of what can be understood as a futurist desing where the new technologies are crucial is the project that a portuguese university (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa – Instituto Superior Técnico) and the MIT in the USA are preparing: how to design and really produce “free-forms” using comum materials. In other words and the project itself, investigate, design and build Ghery-buildings using ceramic materials (and not titanium that is easy to modelate). The project just started and it’s going to be mainly developed in Lisbon. The computers here are essencial because of the amount of comunications bettween the 2 colleges, because it seems like there’s no identical ceramic pieces trough all the project and the industry that is going to beuild it has to renovate it’s own computer systems.
      If you want more information about this pratical exemple I can get it.

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      I’d say Norman Foster is what happens when you have computers generating curves, calculating stresses and modelling aerodynamics. For example:

      Swiss Re
      City Hall

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      In my opinion the computer is there to produce drawings… the creative input comes from the human brain, and when it doesn’t, it shows.

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      Rita Ochoa
      I am an architecture student trying to research ceramics and 3d curves, could you possibly send me the information that you offered eslam? thanks

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      Rita Ochoa

      I’m getting some information for you trough a friend who is doing a master on that subject. She’s also involved on that project with the MIT.

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