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      Currently, there is a target shooting area close to my home.

      It is licenced by the Gardai, and is run by the local gun club.

      The noise from this activity is extremely annoying.

      My question is, is planning permission required for such an activity?

      The area concerned has 2 huts, probably toilets and a cleared area for the shooting to take place.

      The site is on the side of a mountain therefore the echo reverberates and intensifies the repeated shooting sound.

      Comments would be appreciated


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      Well, the first question is, how long has it been in operation?

      If it has been in continuous use since 1963 it has planning permission automatically anyway.


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      Planning is required for any toilet facility.
      If it is a commercial activity it requires permission. Assuming the gun club pay a yearly subscription then it may be considered commercial.

      Perhaps your first ports of call might be to the evironmental section and planning enforcement section of your LA. The environmental section deal with noise pollution as well as environmental pollution. The planning enforcement should be able to let you know if planning is required… but as i say… toilets definitely require permission.

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      In theory it most certainly requires PP

      If they can prove they have been in operation for more than 7 years they have de facto PP and any enforcement proceeings by the Planning authority would be statute barred. Maybe the toilet or the noise is the way to go if you are looking for a regularisation of the use of the site.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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