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      Architecture Irelend has just arrived, that new housing developement in Coppinger Court, Popes Quay Cork looks interesting.

      Much denser than you would ever find in Scotland.

      What’s it like in the flesh?

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      sw 101 has deserted us i m afraid , think he s in some plush hotel in hawaii at this stage, one things for sure he is nt worrying about housing density in the peoples republic. actually had a look around coppinger place on sunday after a few pints in the franciscan well and was very impressed, photos do it scant justice in todays mag but as it says , the access is quite narrow so getting a wide shot is pretty difficult. with the renewal of shandon street on the go, the area is getting a much needed face lift.

      on another note derek tynan s multiplex straight across the river seems to be having major trouble with its external smooth plaster, paint has been flaking off the building since day one.

      viva la republic

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      anyway you can find to post it prc………..if you’ve got the time?

      Can’t get hold of it here. Nice scheme I think, much much better than the other stuff posted on the previous Cork Forum

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      on a wee jaunt at the mo…sitting in fiji, flying out to auckland tomorrow.

      i’ll be home mid-september and share with you my over-analytical architectural views. and my fart noises.

      take it easy bosses

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      Don’t think I can wait til mid-september……..all these banal, ubiquitous, glass fronted boxes being given high praise in Cork.

      Think we need some fart noises and now would be an opportune time…………would there be a time delay though, from Fiji?

      Don’t want it interupting something I posted

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