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      I was on Henry Street today for the first time since its makeover. I’m not sure about the street furniture – bins, bollards and street lighting.

      The bollards are two low, serving no real purpose except for kneecapping the unwary.

      The bin are overly fussy looking as are the lamp standards.

      Opinions, anyone?

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      john white

      Well it’s all just cheap and twee isn’t it?


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      Its pretty bad alright. The development work on William Street is much better especially the bench seating and the surfacing of the street to slow down traffic [as if that were needed in Dublin]

      Henry Street looks okay now but in 6 months or a years time…….

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      Rory W

      Its better than the twee Faux Victorian that used to be there.

      Rory W

Viewing 3 reply threads
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