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      Who exactly is in charge of putting street signs on the corner of new buildings? Would it be the roads dept of the local council? I’ve noticed in recent years that very few new buildings have street signs, and in many areas of the city new buildings constitute almost the whole area!…leaving you well and truly lost!! A few of the newer ones that I noticed as well don’t have the Dublin postcode on the end like they used to…which was always very handy…is there any kind of law, etc, requiring signs? With new schemes, are payments requested by local councils for signs and then never used?

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      Rory W

      Imagine that – Ireland being useless at signage!!

      God help the tourists but it is so easy to get lost throughout the country as we must have the most pathetic sigage in the ‘civilised’ world

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      For an interesting more Irish perspective of this national ‘disease’.

      Check out:

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      These have to be the result of some disgruntled contractor?

      This one is outrageous!

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      Correct if I’m wrong by the awful markings and horrific signage on Irish roads must contribute to a lot of road accidents?

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      That bottom pic is great! Esp the after-thought paper arrow on the parking sign! God it says everything about this country – including the PVC doors.

      On the issue of Dublin street signs – I’ve always wondered who came up with their classic design? When does it date from, it seems they’re maybe from the 70s. They’ve become an icon of the city by now. There’s older green ones too with a more clutterd font used, with the Irish above executed in old Irish script.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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