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      Standing recently, at lunchtime, at the top of Grafton Street, waiting only 20 minutes for any bus that crossed over to O’Connell Street, I fell to musing about the seriously strange nature of the cross city bus links (well general lack of them anyhow).

      As no less than nine, largely empty, “see Dublin” open top buses passed me by, I waited on and I asked myself why Dublin, with a largely radial bus route system, has and never seems to have had, any bus route linking the Grafton Street / Merrion Square area with facilities like Kingsbridge (now Heuston Station). Indeed almost all other major cities seem to have links from major station to key shopping areas. Dublin is the exception to this.

      Indeed from anywhere in that area, any West /East, East /West journey is awkward, links are very poor, every journey requires a complex change of vehicle and often a very indirect routing. And a second fare, naturally. (Merrion Sq to Christ Church, for example)Doubtless your coachman waited for you in olden days but it still seems strange.

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      Kingsbridge (now Heuston Station) !!! How old are you…!

      A city centre ‘hopper’ service… better still a free city centre hopper service would be ideal. A great way of encourageing people not to drive in or through the city centre and thus free up a little of that city centre congestion. Perhaps a number of circular route that would take shoppers, tourists, etc around with ease.

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      There are constant feeder buses up and down the quays. These buses are easlily accessed from most parts of the city (including Grafton St.) by foot. I have to say that it has never occured to me to get a bus from one end of the city centre to the other. It is as quick to walk.

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      It is true tht it may be as quick to walk down to the quays, assuming you can walk that far easily, but the question remains, why do you actually have to walk?

      Why is there no transport link from the main rail station to the main shopping street, the museum, art gallery, etc etc.?

      I still think if you found that anywhere else, other than in those US cities that have very limited bus services, we would find it very strange indeed.

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      Rory W

      The number 90 which joins Heuston and Connolly stops either side of O’Connell Bridge linking the transport hubs with the central shopping areas. There was a 91(?) bus that used to link Heuston with Stephen’s Green but since I don’t live out west no more I couldn’t tell you if its still going. There is also the Museum link buses between Collin’s barracks and Kildare Street

      But sure won’t it be grand when the Luas is running

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