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      I am looking for some help if at all possible in relation to locating the above street.
      I cannot find it on any maps I have and searched the web looking for some reference to it.

      It is to do with family research in that my Grandmother was listed as living there (with her widowed Grandmother) in the 1911 census. I am trying to locate the street but without success.

      I know it was near Dominick Street and I can locate St. Mary’s Terrace and St. Mary’s Place but not the Cottages.

      If there is a site user who has access to some older maps I would appreciate a pointer as to where this street or laneway was and if it has been renamed or demolished altogeher.

      Thanks for any assistance.

      Genral Location Here >,-6.270511&spn=0.005635,0.021887&z=16

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      I would hazard a guess they stood where the sheltered housing for OAPs currently stands. I am not sure what the layout of the block of St Mary’s Place, Dorset st ,Dominick st upr consisted of at this time pre- the corporation flats and the aforementioned OAP housing. I presume the housing stock on Mountjoy st that completes the block is pre 1911.
      Would be interested out of curiosity to know more about this myself…

      The Thom’s directory for 1911 would give you an exact location. I presume you can see it in the library on Pearse st but I am open to correction.

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