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      um wheres the entrance to this i walked right around and through the dit su building but couldn’t find entrance and i didn’t want to ask the students round how to get in cos i’d look stupid so i ask here

      there a gate near the dit extrance but it was locked, its listed as public?

      was looking around for the less known used park

      blessington basin was a recent discovery its amazing how you can live 24 yrs and not notice places any other hidden nice places in town

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      Paul Clerkin

      you were never a reader of my weekly piece in the Dublin Daily so…

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      Have you been to the Iveagh Gardens behind the NCH?

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      Surely the Iveagh Gardens are now the best known “well-kept secret” in the world. Nice as they are, there ain’t much to do in there except watch the Equality Authority mandarins eat their lettuce sangwiches.

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      THAT’S IT – I’m going there tomorrow – kept meaning to go for 2 decades now so tomorrow it is – oh no, maybe Thursday, that’d be better. Oooooh I’m all excited now – get to see the cascade or what ever it’s called outside of a photo!

      Ah Blessington Basin – what a gem – stumbled across that too a few years back. And Blessington St is great – one of the few middle-class Georgian streets in the city.
      A fantastic area of the city, almost forgotton.

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      sorry rarely read that paper perhaps? perhaps there would have been something worth reading it did you have a big smiley picture of yourself beside your column?

Viewing 5 reply threads
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