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      ‘A handful of “serial” appellants pushing hidden or other agendas are undermining the planning system, the chairman of Bord Pleanala warned yesterday. John O’Connor revealed that one of these “serial” appellants may be responsible for up to a dozen appeals against permissions for various developments nationwide’……a quote from an article in The Irish Independant.
      Does this mean that there are individuals amonst us who are doing everything in their power to stunt the development of our country……Are An Taisce, The Green Party …. among these ‘conspiracists’…. The opposition have made a meal too out of the Bertie Bowl ….looks as if the National Swimming pool is in jeopardy also. Is it that the bitter streak brigade have nothing to complain about so they just nit pick.

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      Aruan ONeill

      Actually I have some sympathy with these serial objectors, I’ve met some here and there. The ones I’ve met seem to have a genuine ideological problem with individuals making financial and/or intellectual capital out of their living environment. I’m in two minds about the merits of a planning system in the first place, but don’t think I could support one which didn’t allow people to at least say their piece.

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