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      I live in a dualaspect house which overlooks the sea.Technically the rear opens onto scenic coastal road but this is more like the front of house.I read previous thread re house in Tramore Co Waterford on this aspect.My question is does this de-exempt an otherwise exempt development (Article 9 refer s to -interfering with view or landscape the preservation of which is an object of County Development Plan -which is the case here .,)Surely in such a location people should not be able to avail of any exemptions?Is anyone aware of ABP decisions on this point?My neighbour has erected a huge shed with pitched roof which is totally out of character and is highly visible both from my house and coastal road.Surely Planning permission is necessary when proximate to scenic route.Does anyone know of anybdecisions on this? I need some directions on how best to search for such specific aspect please.?

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