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      Just seen on the wire that Ryanair’s new 114 million Euro terminal at Dublin Airport is designed by de Blacam and Meagher, will handle 10 million passengers a year, so doubling the capacity of Dublin Airport etc.

      Plans just submited to Transport Minister Seamus Brennan.

      Private finance – 10 other airport operators said to be interested in sharing the new facility.

      Anyone seen any images?

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      Paul Clerkin

      ryanair dont do images… its part of their no frills… you have to look at the site and imagine 😉

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      Paul Clerkin

      Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary with architect John Meagher at the launch of their plans yesterday for a second terminal at Dublin airport

      the existing airport can be seen to the left and the original terminal is the hinge point between the current one and the proposal

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      Paul Clerkin
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      Originally posted by Paul Clerkin
      ryanair dont do images… its part of their no frills… you have to look at the site and imagine 😉


      Ok! thats woken me up

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      Paul Clerkin

      I should have the images in the next few days.

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      I think the most disturbing thing about this proposal (apart from the fact that Ryanair will be responsible for the design and construction of suchy a high profile building) is the plan to make 10.000 car spaces available at half the present charge. Great! thats exactly whats needed. Not a dedicated light rail link or an underground like as a priority but room for more cars. What about the extra pressure on the M1. Its chokkablock as it is. What about the land that this car area will consume. What about the environmental impact.
      You can bet Ryanair wont be that interested – O’Leary is after only one thing and he’s not really the type of guy who likes to sit down and consider the bigger picture.
      Aer Rianta most definately have a case to answer at Dublin Airport…but is Ryanair really the best way forward?

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      I would like to echo the concerns about the number of cars, surely 10,000 additional vehicle journeys is not very well considered. This process where individual companies identify the paramaters for development by their own values is a major concern. Instead of carefully considering the best strategic options for the country, such as an alternative hub, Baldonnell etc…, with heavy and light rail potentials, as well as other road linkages (don’t assume that everyone that arrives at Dublin Airport wants to visit Dublin), see Copenhagen Airport for full multimodal integration, or even the airport city of Schipol.

      Only a full and comprehensive redesign of the whole airport, including the full integration of the regional rail and road system will get the best result. Then once this strategic framework is agreed with all parties can the sub division of spoils be effected.

      It is great that the creative minds of business and design can be released by inventive goverence in this and in the Sports Stadium. It indicates a willingness to get involved. Properly motivated and directed energy can be a major advantage to the country, only if sectoral interests are sidelined in favour of regional and national strategic interests, which even includes environmental quality.

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      Were there ever any renderings released of the DeBlacham & Meaghar proposal?

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      Where about is this terminal site?
      Is it the East site between the future parallel runways which it the perfect spot or is it on the South site which is a bad idea as the taxiing planes will slow the landings/takoff as the planes cross the south runway to get to the terminal.

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      It’s not going to happen. But it was to be sited just north of the old terminal – and right beside it – if I recall correctly.
      Here’s a fairly detailed press release from the time:-

      At a press conference today at Dublin Airport, Ryanair unveiled its plans for an
      independent second competing terminal at Dublin Airport. The proposed facility,
      to be known as T2 will cost Euro114m to develop and can handle up to 10 million
      passengers per annum, almost doubling the capacity of Dublin Airport, without
      any cost to the taxpayer. Ryanair’s plans also allow for the development of two
      multi-storey short-term carparks which will end the current policy of forcing
      airport users to park in remote long-term carparks, and two new international
      hotels, bringing much needed choice, competition and lower prices for hotel
      accommodation at Dublin Airport.
      The new T2 which has been designed by leading architects de Blacam & Meagher,
      contains the following features;
      * it will provide 36 new terminal served stands (compared with the current
      30 in the three piers at Dublin Airport),
      * at a cost of Euro114m, the facility is significantly cheaper than the
      combined Euro469m* recently spent by Aer Rianta on extending the existing
      terminal and constructing the inefficient Pier C,
      * two multi-storey carparks will provide short-term carparking capacity for
      up to 10,000 cars (compared to the 2,700 car capacity of Aer Rianta’s
      existing carpark) and will result in short-term carparking rates being
      reduced from the current Euro20 to Euro10 per day, thereby saving consumers over
      Euro100m over a five year period,
      * two international hotels will be developed and will provide both a three
      star (Jurys Inn) type accommodation, as well as a four star facility,
      * the terminal itself is designed to substantially reduce passenger walking
      distances, which are a major drawback of the existing Aer Rianta facilities,
      * T2 restores architectural order to the current chaos at Dublin Airport,
      * T2 places the Desmond Fitzgerald designed old central terminal building
      (CTB) as the focal point of Dublin Airport,
      Commenting today at the press conference, John Meagher, of de Blacam & Meagher
      Architects said;
      “Just as the original central terminal building was a significant exercise
      in the “International Style”, so is Terminal 2, utterly modern, in the
      materials of steel and glass, sympathetically sited adjacent to the original
      central terminal building, which now finds an appropriate role as the
      principle link between Terminal 2 and the Aer Rianta terminal building.
      “Terminal 2 is designed to be easy and agreeable to use and open to its
      surroundings. Its simple plan and the structural arrangement of roof shells,
      give orientation to arriving and departing passengers, and are expressive of
      the buildings function as a gateway to the skys.
      “Terminal 2 by virtue of its position, serves to frame the old central
      terminal building, renewing the original axial landscape unobstructed, that
      terminates in its landside concave face.”

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      I totally agree that this will not happen but I must confess my ignorance of the fact that Michael O’Leary was prepared to break the no frills model for once and refreshingly in terms of capital spend namely when it came to architecture. My own thesis in College was proven on the construction cost per passenger comparison between pier D as proposed by Aer Rianta and the new terminal in Cork which despite having a much larger budget per passenger almost ended up without air bridges.

      Does anyone have a link or image of Stansted ie the airport that has been Ryanairs most successful.

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      Why is it that to build an airport extension in Ireland costs in excess of €100 million, when a high standard airport terminal can be built in Frankfurt for €14 million. We dont need gold f**king plated toilets, we just need an airport. If we could build terminals for €14 million , I think they’d be operating trans atlantic flights out of Knock!

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      Paul Clerkin

      @Thomond Park wrote:

      Does anyone have a link or image of Stansted ie the airport that has been Ryanairs most successful.


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      Thanks for the images Paul,

      The image in this archiseek link http://england.archiseek.com/london/stansted/exterior_lge.html

      should be compared with Aer Rianta’s Pier D proposal

      Beyond the aesthetics it is clear that the public are going to have to pay for Aer Riantas terminal if an agreement of opinion between the two airlines that never agree with eachother about anything is anything to go by;

      @RTE Interactive wrote:

      Proposed airport charges “too high”

      July 08, 2005 17:19
      Aer Lingus and Ryanair have described the aviation authority’s proposed charges for Dublin Airport as being too high.

      The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR), has published the submissions received in response to Draft Determination for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), regarding the determination of airport charges.

      The submission from Aer Lingus said that CAR’s document contained insufficient detail of the DAA’s operational service levels and capital expenditure programme for Aer Lingus to be able to accept any of the proposals.

      “Moreover, insofar as we can judge the indicative maximum levels of airport charges presented, the figures are much too high,” Aer Lingus said in their submission.

      In its submission, Ryanair said that airline and their passengers should not be be punished for what it called “the blatant mismanagement of the previous Aer Rianta board.”

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      No site for second terminal yet

      July 11, 2005 19:33
      The Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen, has confirmed that the Dublin Airport Authority has not yet finalised a site for the second terminal at Dublin Airport.

      But he said that he expected consultation with the airlines who would be using the new facility to be completed by late August or early September.

      Speaking afer a meeting with the board of the DAA, he dismissed speculation that Aer Lingus might run the new terminal as ‘mischievous’. He said that he was not interested in duopolies, with terminals run by different airlines which would act to the detriment of the paying public.

      The Minister added that it would be very disappointing if legal challenges from competitors delayed the terminal development. He also took a sideswipe at airlines operating from Dublin Airport, urging them to open more check-in desks earlier to ease overcrowding.

      Mr Cullen also expects business plans for the airports at Dublin, Cork and Shannon by the end of the year at the latest.

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