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      I’m a student in Liverpool at the moment, and am doing a project on the Rte Radio Centre in Montrose. I’ve been out to it and had a tour around etc, and I’m trying to draw up plans and sections from photographs, and the few measurements I could take. Now this is a tall order, seeing as most of the building is underground 🙁 But I reckon I’m on course. One thing I can’t estimate, however, is the underground engineering.

      Now I’ve been reliably informed that the building is like a concrete box, floating on the water table, and chained to the bedrock! What I can’t figure out though is how the Steel Columns and Brickwork tie into this setup. How far down do those columns go? Do they intersect with the concrete and if so where? The same question goes for the brickwork is it another layer over the concrete that goes down 2 1/2 stories?

      I’m not too optimistic on finding plans (did have quite a good look – I think the only book with them is Framptons’ Stw 1962-1997, not in any public libraries, surprise surprise) So if you guys could make an educated guess on how the whole things ties together it would be a great help.

      Conor Murphy

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      There is no such book as the one you mention. A major STW book is due later this year from Gandon, however. A quick search at Paddi.net turns up two published references (with plans and sections): Iris (March 1974, pp2-9) and a pamphlet from around the same time by Peter Wildbur & Associates. Get your librarian to request an inter-library loan from UCD. And why not ask Niall Scott of Scott Tallon Walker directly?

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