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      Does anybody know or has anybody completed their studies by this method?
      I did my part 1 in UCD and now after a number of years working, marriage, kids etc I am going to do my part 2 through the RIBA OBE from Oxford. I would just be interested in anyboy’s experiences regarding exams, the work load, the course etc and if anybody is currently doing the part 2 or registering this year like myself perhaps starting a discussion group.

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      Hi Cat,

      I completed the RIBA office based examaination Part 1 & 2. Please note it is definetly not for the faint hearted and you need to be self motivated. There is no one there to guide you every evening. It is up to you to lock yourself away with the sketch pad, books and in front of the drawing board, while the rest of the world realxes around you. I note you mention you have family. It is really important that you have their support, as you will need it at critical times of the programme.

      I am not trying to scare you away from the course, on the contrary, I just like to pass on my experience, so you are aware of the level of dedication required to complete it.

      Now, that I have completed Part 3, I can say it was all worth it! 🙂

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      Hi SJB

      I know its been a while since you posted here but I was just wondering has the office based qualification been accepted without any problems?

      I’m an Architectural Technologist and have always wanted to go on further and get an Architectural qualfication, but like CAT67 marrige and kids have put an end to full time options.

      How long did it actually take you to qualify? Did you take any breaks? Have you any advice about selecting your tutor. Did you get a college lecturer or an office based tutor?

      I would appreciate any advice



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