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      anyone get that request from above regards local authorities refusing application on unreasonable grounds?

      seems they will be making a case to the dept of local government about the frivolity of many of the thousands of refusals which resulted from inconsistent standards, requirements, and attitudes of seperate authorities and even amongst the individuals of such authorities.

      in particular i think they want examples of where money was lost, either through loss of clients, loss of income, etcetera. i wonder if they have authority to bring a class action against local government on behalf of their members. wouldnt mind seeing that. or at least make some inroads in establishing reasonable working methods amongst planners, and those small, small people who spend their time perusing planning applications looking for that one missing north point or a discrepancy in the width of one window out of three hundred between plan and elevation.

      more power to the awr eye yay eye i say

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      You’ve had that problem too? Yeah, the sheets and amounts of sheets, and repetition of the same information on more and more and more paper seems to be a joke now. That is speaking from a point of view of someone with some architectural training that is. However, what do the planners have?

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