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      I am planning a ground floor extension less than 40msq to the rear of our terraced home which will still have 25sqm of open space. I understand this to be Exempt Development. However to ensure I am compliant can anybody tell me what are the restrictions/regulations regarding the following:

      1. Height of Extension
      2. Distance from boundary wall.
      (This is the main issue. Our terraced garden is very long but rather narrow so we would like to build as close to the boundary wall as possible.) Bearing in mind that the extension is ground floor only can I build against the wall or do I need to allow 1m on both sides?

      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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      my advice would be to get planning anyway, and for goodness sake employ somebody to design it who knows what they’re doing.

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      Perhaps… …

      Can anybody be more helpful?

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      Still battling away, John?:)
      I don’t have the details you require to hand, but my previous recommendation on this subject in your earlier thread still holds- get a Section 5 Declaration from your local authority. I tells you unambiguously whether or not PP is required for a development (details of which must obviously be supplied) and should keep pesky neighbours at bay if they get stroppy.

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      Hi John,

      1. 40 sq m applies where house not extended previously. (If extended previously then cumulative max. of 40.)

      2. In terraced house max. floor area above ground level must not exceed 12 sq. m. (cumulative as above.)

      3. Any above ground floor extn. must be minimum of 2m. from any party boundary.

      4. Heights: If no gable to rear wall of house then max. height of extn. must not exceed height of rear wall of house;

      If rear wall of house includes gable then max. height of extn. must not exceed height of side walls of house;

      the highest part of the extn. must not exceed the highest point of the roof of the house and if extn. flat roofed must not exceed height of eaves/parapet of house.

      Any window above ground level must be 11m or more from boundary.

      The roof of extn. shall not be used as balcony/roof garden.

      (All from P&D Regs, Schedule 2)

      You will see from this that it is fairly restrictive – if you need more space you should consider applying for permission.

      Regards and best of luck


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      The 2 metre restriction only applies to two story extensions. You can build right to the party boundry wall, BUT you can’t build on top of it i.e a new wall must be built, you can’t extend this wall upwards. And remember, if you build right beside the wall, your soffit cannot overhang past the mid-line of the boundry wall.
      Have you any other questions?
      BTW it is sometimes worth getting PP if you have awkward neighbours.

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      don’y forget about commencement notices possible commencement notices to health and safety authority as well as administeration of contracts and understanding what insurances should be in place ect. never mind getting the best value for your money in terms of the getting a well designed addition to your house. a well designed addition will add value in both in terms of resale value.

      maximise the potential you have.

      employ a professional…….. a good one. alot of the recent AAI (architectural Association of Ireland) awards in the more recent years have been for smaller scale house extensions. have a look at them anyway they are published every year in a book available from the riai bookshop as well as alot of other bookshops. and you should be able to see inside how a well designed addition do. Alot of young architects start theur careers doing smaller additions and we don’t spend 5 years min in college learning nothing.

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      Thank you for advice and comments. It had been vey useful.


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      hi, i’m just reviving this thread as iwish to extend my humle abode into my rather humble back yard. I think i’m exwmt except that to really make it worth my while I think my remaining back garden/yard will go under the 25 square metres i’m suppose to have left. Looks like I’ll have to get planning permission i SUPPOSE.

      Where can i get my hands on publications so i can get some ideas on the type of extensions possible. I’d like to get the most excellent design and maximise the opportunity. any stuff on the web from irish architects who do this?

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