Really is the end for sweet Molly Malone.

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      John Callery

      Dublin Corporation to evict ( Irish Times sat’ 6th Jan) the last of the old fishmongers from the fish-market for safety reasons !!( leaking roof) – so it’s really the end of “Sweet Molly Malone”. Sure she can always “wheel her barrow” and shelter in the nearby “Daisy Market” or over to “The Iveagh” – but alas they too have being sold on for private development – no doubt they will be fine attractive “markets” when finished but the last of the Mollies won’t be wanted or able to afford the rent of a stall – a pity they won’t be accommodated to sell their “cockles and mussels” in Dublin’s fair City of all places – as one sees in the genuine city markets all over the continent.

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