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      Does anybody know if there are guidelines as to how LAs should carry out public consultation. I am particularly refering to a current draft document called the Howth Urban Centre Strategy being worked on by Fingal County Council. residents were invited to submit “ideas” before the plan was even started but now that it is at Draft stage the council are trying to have it adopted in quite a rush but residents have no idea of iots contents, Councillors had to demand a meeting to discuss it before voting on it. I am amazed that it is being shoved through like this, surely this is not best practice with regard to consultation?

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      Don’t think there are any guidelines but the councils really need to be careful with this. If the people feel disenchanted with plans like this, the council might well regret it as the councillors will have the power to adopt or reject it in the end.

      Dublin City Council took a serious blow when the Ballsbridge Local Area Plan was rejected – hence their major efforts to include the public and councillors during the Phibsborough Mountjoy LAP process and the draft height guidelines.

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