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      thomas o brien

      Need some advise?theory on the whole matter of the perception of context. how is context as percieved by an individual to be communicated (thru arch)to others, without losing its integrity? What is context for that matter? How literal is it/how can personal context be created without degenerating to the sum of averages through altruistic design methods? hmm a ponderer..
      I suppose it is a question with no definite answer…. everyones reality is different so where does one build?

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      I always thought you repsponded to context . I didn’t think people were in the business of creating it….. then again..
      You talk about perception of context – or just perception really… All you have to go by is your own – trust it – don’t question it too much or you will be stuck in a rut.
      It’s nice to be able to create – it’s good to anticipate what other people might make of your work – but most peoples concerns with your creation are quite practical. The canvas is not as white as it seems. Once you get past all the functions your “thing” has to fulfill, the stuff whizzing around in your head becomes more focussed and is applied in quite a modest way – leaving little room for interpetation in the way you are thinking. This is ok I think?

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      interesting one bout “altruistic design methods”! kinda misguided tho, mostly architects are interested in leaving THEIR mark on the ground. a really altruistic approach would take as many opinions as possible and see what happens. might turn out muddy, but i havent seen it happen and id like to. its good to be shit, and not as easy as it seems.

      “sum of averages” could be class, takes from the whole egocentric nature of architecture. i think…. Vs WE THINK. depends on who WE are, and other stuff etc…..

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