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      Anyone any more info on the Poolbeg new town? Sounds interesting if they can get around the environmental problems of building on a landfill. One good plus point is that the chimneys will remain – they’re such a powerful landmark for Dublin’s coastline

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      A NEW town is to be built on Poolbeg peninsula by Dublin city council, turning acres of Dublin Bay wasteland into an integrated community with its own ecology park.

      The new district will cover a 7km (4.3-mile) stretch of Dublin 4. It will run along South Bank — the planners’ new name for part of the peninsula — Sean Moore Road, and the rest of Poolbeg, with 3,000 residential units and more than 100,000 sq ft of offices.

      See http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2091-1432232,00.html for the rest.

      Anyone seen the actual plans for this?

      Other details are available in an article by Treacy Hogan in the Independent which requires registration.

      Apparently the seafront will be lined with five storied buildings with “canopied ground-floor bars, restaurants and theatres”. Sounds good but five stories is too low; the new five/six story buildings along the outer quays are too low and out of scale with the expanse of water in front of them. Poolbeg faces an even a larger expanse of water and one of the best contexts for tallish buildings is in front of large expanses of water, in my opinion.

      Also it seems it’s been used to resurect the old Rasputin like eastern bypass idea. I really don’t know why planners and road engineers have such a fetish for this stupid 70s era traffic plan. It was stupid back then; it was stupid when it was resurected and killed in the late 80s and it’s stupid and shortsighted now. How about providing DART or Luas to the area for a fraction of the cost of the billions it will cost to tunnel under Sandymount strand?

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      Woops; I just saw the question from yesterday by burge_eye. I can’t find a way of deleting the above and copying it into a response in the earlier thread.

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      the consultation docs are on the dublincity.ie website (Planning)

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