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      Hi, just wondering if any of you have seen houses/apartments etc which are plastered to the floor with no skirting fitted. I know it is probably a plasterer’s nightmare but we are building a new house and thinking of using alot of tiling. We thought no skirting would add to the contemporary feel of the house. Also wondering what happens with doors if we do this. Any of the projects I’ve seen in magazines etc don’t tend to have doors from one area to another. Would you use normal architrave or what? Thanks in advance for any ideas/advice.

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      Doing this draws attention to the join between the flooring and the wall – great if you have something like a beautiful inlaid wood floor or even a fine parquet with border. I would go fo either no architrave or a minimal angular design to match the lack of coving/skirting. Doors have a functional purpose of course and you need to decide if you require the effects of noise insulation, privacy etc

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