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      Hi a;;.

      Im moving jobs and taking on a job running managerial role. Can anyone recommend where
      I can purchase books relating to planning permission guidlines and planning law ? Also any books relating
      to irish building contracts and project management.


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      Most local authority websites have pretty good FAQ pages on PP guidelines, making a PApp, etc. Have a look at Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and others.

      Re planning law-
      Yvonne Scannell’s ‘Envoronmental and planning law in Ireland’ has just been revised as ‘Environmental and land use law’.
      Then there’s Eamonn Galligan’s ‘Irish planning law and procedure’ from 1997, which obviously pre-dates the 2000 Act.
      ‘The Irish planning law factbook’ by Berna Grist and others is a loose leaf publication from 2003, therefore capable of being updated periodically. But it’s very pricey.

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      Thanks Ctespian,

      Do you know if any of these can purchased online?

      Any suggestions on building contracts /project management etc ?

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      Not sure where you’d go to find them, but Amazon is usually a good place to start.

      Re contracts etc- not my area I’m afraid. Try the RIAI bookshop on Merrion Square (No. 8, I think) for these, perhaps. And, come to think of it, perhaps also for the above books. You can ring them- not sure if their bookshop is on the www.

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