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      Hi all ,am looking at a site in caragh in kildare with no planning permission but dont know how to find out if it is possible to get planning on it ,could anyone tell me what I should do to find out before I bid on the site ?

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      Research current planning determinations in the area by both Kildare County Council and more importantly An Bord Pleanala as Kildare County Council from anecdotal evidence have quite a number of their decisions overturned upon appeal.

      First port of call would be a reputable architect with local experience.

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      I’m in a similar position i.e. interested in buying a site that has no planning permission. I rant Kildare Co, Council planning and the girl i spoke to was very helpful. She said they won’t advise on a 1-2-1 basis on the likelihood of getting planning permission. She did say i could get details of the 4 criteria required before planning permission will be considered. This includes whether or not you live in the area where the planning is being sought. She also suggested two other avenues 1. speak with a good local architect who knows what’s acceptable to the Co.Co. 2. Speak to a local County Counsellor for the area, a list of counsellors can be found on the Kildare Co. Co. web site. I’ll be investigating this further over the next few days and I’ll keep you posted. Dermot

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