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      I don’t think this week’s question has been phrased well. The options given were loaded.


      20 March 2001: Is the National Stadium a waste of money, when the money could be better spent on improving the infrastructure of our cities?

      Yes, much more time and money needs to be spent on getting a public transport system together for Dublin.

      No, having a stadium complex of this nature will be a boost to civic pride in Dublin and will attract international sporting events.


      The answers given imply that there’s only one kitty, and it’s being used either for public transport or the stadium. Many people who think that the stadium is a great idea for Dublin could be discouraged from clicking that option when they’re also told that they’re voting against a metro! 😛

      Besides, you can’t have that attitude to everything. There’s no point in spending money on anyting else until we have a literacy level of 100%, no hospital waiting lists, housing for all, etc etc…

      Just a thought.

      P.S. Of course the Spike would be an atrocious waste of cash. At least a stadium will be useful – *and* could end up paying for itself, unlike a metro

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      Paul Clerkin

      Apologies for that. I’ll accept that it was slightly loaded, but the ideas behind the polls is to take a quick unscientific snapshot of opinion and encourage people to discuss it further on the forums.

      If you have any further suggestions for future polls, let us know.

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      increased civic pride and a symbol of dublin as a modern forward thinking european capital(if only this were true!)a monument to the time and spirit of our time (or at least the spirit we would like to be living in)-is this a wase of time?as for a good public transport system for the city this has to be seen as a necessity not a luxury – them kind of attitudes are no offence but backward and the kind of attitude that has kept Ireland behind as it still very much is-recent report saying that Dublin is second worst after Calcutta in the world for courier delivery times due to the traffic problem and is losing our economy millions andanyway who is to say that a well run metro system wouldn’t be a fincially sound option in the long term.

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      Fergus, relax, I was kidding! (note smiley)

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