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      Cute Panda

      I need your expert advice if possible.

      For a research project, I need to find some examples of painted buildings in towns and cities in Ireland which are tastefully done. I am not talking about just the Dingle multicolured streets scapes (although I fully understand the charm), more along the lines of good paint job on old town and city buildings which brings them to life and enhances their detailing. These would be stucco or pebble-dashed buildings.

      There are lots of brightly coloured houses, shops, banks and old public buildings around the country, but I am finding it hard to think of standout examples which were painted in such a manner it went beyond spashing on a bit a Dulux Weathershield here and there.

      Would the old Hotel in Portobello beside the canal be a good example of a well painted historic urban building sympathic to the architecture?

      One more thing, is it possible to paint over aluminium framed windows? Does anybody know if they can be primed and painted and if this has been done? Yes I know they have destroyed many a fine building but wooden sash and mullion windows are very expensive, but in the meantime…

      Many Thanks in advance.

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      Dr. Stevens Hospital?
      Is that paint or coloured render? Looks great anyway…

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