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      Err was it just me or was the site and its associates down Friday?

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      Paul Clerkin
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      “a failed fan in the PSU which was causing the server to overheat”

      Falls well into my department Paul….

      Basically, sleeve fans are guaranteed to fail after a certain amount of miles…. usually by dust and nothing more…. if you clean ’em out, they will actually run again no problem.

      A single ball bearing fan, Possibly about one failure in a thousand or something like that. The bearing wear over time and you tend to hear it too…. as they get much louder, and sound more erratic or skratchy in sound.

      Ditto for hard drives…. if your drive sounds any louder… the is the cue to go and buy an new one basically or risk losing it all. The bearings are worn and are just about ‘to go’.

      A double bearing ball bearing fan…. i.e. the type used in any decent Power supply I know of anyhow…. failure rate…. practically zero according to most people I know in the trade… some with up to 30 years or more experience with this kinda problem.

      What brand/manufacturer of power supply was it as a matter of interest? You may have problems with your board too… that is, if the power lines got a little bit too gerky during this trial period. It might just be worth reseting the bios. Very simple jumper proceedure…. read about it in the manual.

      Simiilarly with your drives…. keep a keen eye on ’em over the next couple of days.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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