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      This isn’t architecture, but its something that I see EVERY time I’m looking at buildings in Dublin (just this morning I saw this “object d’art” in 15 windows in at least 10 separate apartments”). Its a white plaster figure of a woman sitting with her unclad leg bent at a 45 degree angle, and facing sideways. If you’ve walked around Dublin 7, you can’t have missed it.

      Is it some Irish legendary or mythic figure? A celebrity? WHY IS IT SO POPULAR?


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      Haha Lol I knew what you were talking about even before I looked…Although the bit about “her unclad leg bent at a 45 degree angle” had got me hopeful:D

      Last time I counted, there were about a dozen of these things in the enclave of 80s local authority houses that link Summerhill with Charles St, Dublin 1.

      There must be an explanation; perhaps the Pat Noise as commemorated, is actually Patricia Noise and this is more of the same cult;)

      Thats my theory anyway – Fr Pat Noise was Irelands first transexual, and despite the best efforts by the RC church to cover it up, a cult has always since existed, commemorating Patrica with these icons. :p

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      Are they in the same houses that feature the Menorah at Christmas time? I think we’ve uncovered a judeo-christian plot to undermine the standards of us agnostic folks. What was that priest’s name again?

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      This has bugged me for YEARS, lol!
      Who and/or what is it?!

      No doubt so significant and iconic an Art Deco piece of design as to shame us into submission in our lack of knowledge, but it’s incredibly irritating to see it propped on half the window sills of Corpo Dublin and knowing nothing of it other than its cult-like status. There are houses with one in every window, sometimes as many as four! I often mutter thanks to the Corpo’s 1930s architects for only putting two windows in many of their scheme houses 🙂

      It’s definitely part of a highly fashionable ‘look’ in these areas, that goes hand in hand with the fluted columns and porches, white plastic bays inserted into standard flat window openings, 37 white lanterns in the garden, and nymphs and cherubs and God only knows what else adorning the lawn and driveway and front steps.
      And the latest trend now is the addition of Victorian ‘stucco’ cornices with plaster corbels over all the windows – generally applied over exposed stone pebbledashed facades.

      It’s genuinely very strange that this extends to the interiors and a standardised ornament that tens upon tens of houses have – a bizarre cultural phenomenon.

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      We’ve decided to start calling her Our Lady of Council Housing, or OLCH for short…:p

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      She got a mention in the Irish Times Magazine on Saturday too, in a one-pager at the back written by a woman who moved into a traditional working class neighbourhood. The woman thought the presence of the figurine was an indication of length of tenure, i.e. old resident, not gentrifier.

      Had I not seen this thread before, I’d have had no clue what the writer was on about. Luckily I was well clued in.;)

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      i’m looking at two of them in the house opposite, one in the front living room window, and one in the bedrrom window above it.. they also have plaster pillars holding up an ornately trimmed tiled canopy over the porch, and all the eaves have elaborately carved timber panels hanging off them. and the tiny drive is cobbled.

      money does not equal sense or taste.

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