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      Does anyone know what the latest is with the ‘spike’? Is this going to be another long drawn out Corpo thing? Have they even advertised tender for the thing? I’m thinking no way it will be up by Summer as orginally promised. I suppose will have to wait another few years for O’Connell St. plan to be ever implemented.

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      Three years, that’s typicaL OF THE CORPO!!!

      I think I got my answer in today’s Irish Times Letters’ page, Methinks he knows more than it seems. This is from a memeber of the Dublin Retailers Association: (this is the end of the letter)

      I agree about O’Connell Street. Unfortunately the trees have outgrown their original installation size but the traders are reluctant to spend over €130,000 to renew them because they will all be cut down in three years’ time to make way for the Spire (some have gone already). Also, the leaves on the trees tend to hide the lights until they eventually fall in mid-December.

      I cannot comment on trader support except to say that I have been told that it is “the few” who pay for “the majority”. – Yours, etc.,

      IVAN HAMMOND, Breen Electrical Co Ltd., Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 7.

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      Rory W

      Wasn’t the spire supposed to go up next month?

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      The Spire’s architect, Ian Ritchie, says in the “News” section of his website that in Feb he was recommending a contractor to Dublin Corp, and that the chosen contractor, whoever that is, would be expected to complete the spire by the autumn.

      Then again, architects are born optimists.

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      Methinks, Corpo is having second thoughts.. or maybe waiting till after election. Either way it will be years before the plan for the street will be realised!!!

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