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      Hi there.

      I’m planning to build an extension to my house and I’m wondering if any of you would be able to help me out with some advice. I’m looking for an architect who would suit this kind of project. I must admit that my knowledge of architecture is pretty limited so forgive me if my references are a little naive or just plain wrong. The house is single story, built in 1930 and a pretty example of a plucky little house with pretentions above its size. The site is big (100ft x 30ft) and we’re looking to do something pretty innovative. Again forgive the references but we think something modernist with a bit of that brutalist, Swiss, pored concrete and glass kind of thing. Was in Switzerland recently and was particularly taken by two buildings. One was a small gallery in Basel

      and another was the Spa in Vals designed by Peter Zumthor.

      In fact pretty much everything he has done appeals to us. The challenge I guess would be to do something original while echoing the existing building.

      Needless to say, the budget will be challenging (relatively speaking) but we have the time and enthusiasm to do a really nice job. If you can think of a firm or individual that would suit this kind of project, please let me know in this forum or you can mail me directly.

      We live in Chapelizod in Dublin.

      thanks in advance.

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      1. Hire him, understand that his work is not a style but derived from a particular approach.
      2. If not available for the extension find an architect open to that methodology
      3. If not willing to merely fish and hope, run a small competition for ideas (tender by another name)
      4. Be careful, very very careful of advice from acolytes and fans of all sorts of architects.

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      Paul Clerkin

      5. Organise an international competition…. only half joking

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      Thanks for your help. First stop Zumthor then I’ll explore the competition angle.

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      Plan it for 18 stories 😀

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      Eh….competition for a domestic extension….I’d say you have two hopes!!! 😉 That is unless you are willing to pay for the ideas!

      (Not intended or trying to be arrogant here!)

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