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      Sad news comes in the form of who really cares. 😡 Newry and Mourne council makes a mistake in looking up history and a very rare medieval Norther Ireland church is made extinct because of thier lack of careing:confused: They thought they had discovered a missing castle, this which historys records was a scam to obtain money from the crown, the crown did not fall for the scam, but here we are 500+ years down the road and the scam comes to life again,simply because Newrys high up people claim memorials are good source material and real history books are too long to envisage reading. This chapel which was the heart and center of the Abbey Newry town which was the first ever written about tara of Ireland by the way!! The 12th cent ABBEY WAS AS VAST AS ALL, & is and has been recorded in many books, but because it has been omited fron the local sources since the reformation, RE Bagnols attempt at wipeing out all catholics, notting seriously written was refered to in the annals of monestary writting. Now Newry has a Castle with breeze block hidden alter isles, and similar medieval windows, great attempts are made to dispute this castle, but despite hundreds of attempts to involve outside organizations that claim to call for the protection of medieval ireland none has responded, it seems the british upper lip still reins the rule in the north, attempts to involve international organizations, have met the same fate not one rely from the many great web sites pledging chapels like this must be given prime places in irish antiquity.Our understanding here in Newry is that there is no support in the world at all. This Chapels relics are now in unknown hands in what we see to be massive efforts to claim it never existed. 33 medieval bodies were removed to a similar destiny in Nov 2005, these were found inside the main chapel beneath the floors, only under duress the council would never have revealed one word about the finds, the bodies lay across what the council calls medieval battered walls, no where in the world can lay claims to this type of irish built wall only the irish.Needless to say any help out there that may stop this degrading action to our ancient cultures is welcome, but it would need to come soon.:D

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