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      Smart Telecom offering ‘triple play’ service

      May 10, 2005 16:09
      Smart Telecom has begun rolling out a new triple play service – which incorporates a combined television, telephone and broadband internet services – to new build residential developments in Dublin.

      ‘Smart Vision’ offers developers and builders the opportunity to install the required fibre at building stage. The ‘Fibre to the Home’ technology offers consumers the choice of over 70 digital TV channels, 15 radio channels, a telephone service and unlimited access to a 2MB internet connection.

      Smart Vision is currently available in 7,000 new apartments across Dublin including the Fausano development in Smithfield and a new residential development in Parkwest, just off the Naas Road.

      Once installed, Smart Vision costs €100 (including VAT) a month for each individual end user with no line rental, no connection fee and no hidden costs. Customers will also receive just one bill for the Smart Vision service. Ends

      It sounds interesting that telecoms companies are offering to get involved so early

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      That sounds like the service Homechoice offer in London, digital TV, movies on demand, calls and 1MB broadband all down the phone line. But €100 sounds steep, currently £19.99 pm here.

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      My cousin in Birmingham gets unlimited phone calls, line rental, broadband and about 100 tv channels for £25 a month……. tut tut tut, where did eircom go so wrong?

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      @A-ha wrote:

      tut tut tut, where did eircom go so wrong?

      Could be by going public and selling off any salable assets they had and reducing long term spending in an effort to try and maintain a high share price. The dopes. We went from having one of the better networks in Europe (which was built with my taxes), to the current mess where it seems any value has been stripped and passed into the hands of the shareholders. No wonder they’ve such a highly motivated workforce!

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      [font=Arial:31e3fdeq]Your so right it scares me! Eircom is so bad in the telecommunications business I'm surprised they know how to make a phone call. I switced over to BT the minute they entered the market. I'm paying €25 (€39 inc. line rental) a month for unlimited phone calls to any landline in Ireland and my broadband is only costing me €24.82 pm. That has to be the cheapest in Ireland, I'm not paying no €45 for Eircom broadband! Check 'em out Ohh and sorry if it sounds like I'm boasting…. but I am, I saved almost €85 compared to my last Eircom bill. Woo hoo[/font:31e3fdeq]

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