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      Last July there was some new regulation introduced involving the granting of planning permission of off licenses. I was wondering if anyone has lodged a planning pllication for an off license since this came in because I cant seem to find any information on it bar what was printed in the newspapers about the fact that it had happened. I’ve been on to the council but wasnt able to get any information – does anyone know what effect this has on actually lodging the application, is any extra information needed, specific wording etc?
      any advice would be appreciated.

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      As far as I know, this was an amendment to the Planning and Development Regulations, which means it is a Statutory Instrument. Have you checked the site? If the site hasn’t yet been updated, the S.I. itself should be available from Govt Publications. Don’t know what number the S.I. would be, but surely one of the most recent ones on the list.

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