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      Killer roads revealed as death toll rises Irish Independent, 23/3/2006

      Treacy Hogan



      THE daily threat of our killer roads is exposed today.

      Road users are ten times more likely to be killed on known, single-lane crash stretches.

      An Irish Independent investigation lifts the lid on where the death-trap roads are located.

      And it is clear many local authorities have ignored the pleas of local groups for years demanding action.

      They have demanded engineering solutions to the blackspots, better signage, roadside crash barriers and lower speed limits.

      The councils are also criticised for granting planning permissions for housing developments beside narrow, dangerous rural roads which increase the risks.

      The housing boom in rural Ireland is creating an ever-widening commuter belt into Dublin and has sent thousands more cars on to unsuitable roads.

      Some of these killer stretches are dangerous because they have dreadful bends, they’re narrow and are bordered by treacherous ditches.

      Others are wide, single-lane with hard shoulders, criss-crossed by lethal junctions where drivers are tempted to engage in dangerous, high-speed overtaking with disastrous consequences.

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