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      J Walker

      Does anyone know who the architects were behind the new building attached to the Fitzwilliam hotel on St Stephens green West?

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      The new Bank of Scotland HQ – designed by RKD Architects. Just about finished now – and to schedule.
      Remember first hearing about this and thinking how far away 2005 seemed – how time flies.
      I was watching as this building progressed from pit-to-present – the standard of finish is superb. The interior will be something else when finished – tailor made.

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      I agree RKD did an excellent job on this one and succeeded in getting a massive amount of floor space into what is quite a sensitive location. I really like the way the front of the building comes down close enough to the level of the College of Surgeons at one end whilst stepping down gently from the Fitzwilliam Hotel on the other.

      From a land use point of view it is great to see one of the biggest banks in the Country selecting such a central location in the City, it always amazes me how few notable Corporate HQ’s actually are on Stephens Green, the only other ones I can think of are Anglo & Eircom.

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      Yes – I think it’s been very successful all-round, and the red sandstone adds a decent splash of colour to what is a rather dull terrace, esp considering white Portland or grey granite would be expected here. The Fitzwilliam next door, not good at the best of times, looks decidedly frumpy now in contrast with its neighbours cool lines & materials.

      From RKD’s site (ooh my first in-post pic – how exciting 🙂 ) :

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      I have always thought that one of the problems with deisgning a modern-ish building like the Fitzwilliam Hotel is that someone will come along and design a modern building beside it and make your one look tired. The one above really does work well and I also agree that the sandstone adds a welcome bit of colour, I have also rarely seen setbacks executed so well,

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      Paul Clerkin

      Who did the Fitzwilliam Hotel? Cannot seem to remember…..

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      I also like the building. It’s just a shame the Bank of Scotland branding is so crass and out of scale. Completely unneccessary.

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      Craig Davis

      Yes, overall it’s of a high standard. Although it’s a pity that they’ve gone and saved costs by using faceted glazing at the entrance (as opposed to curved sheets); flat sheets or panels can work on a curve if they have a relatively narrow width, but the large sheets here make it look quite clunky. They’ve also used steel uprights to support the glazing at street level. For a high prestige location & client surely they could have used a superior system to achieve an uninterrupted façade. Small issues I know, but God is in the detail…

      I agree with vinnyfitz about the branding, definitely could have been applied more subtly.

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      I knew there was something missing looking at what I thought was a picture taken this week by Graham!!

      But looking at the absence of the signage and the traffic arrangements it is afterall a montage and a damn good one too!!!

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      It’s very good alright.

      Now that the new lettering is mentioned, I remember seeing the first of it going up – and agreed, it is terrible.
      Only saw the BANK or so of it, but if it continues as is described, it detracts from the whole building.

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