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      Was at the launch of this last night
      Long overdue & great resource
      The cd format is website like
      Minor complaint is that at €17.99 a pop they will not be as accessable as possible. A free website would be ideal, but i suppose nothings free these days.
      The photographs are stunning but the print quality of the photographs in the book are a bit flat (no smart comments please 😉 )
      Had some other little problems with the format but overall I think these will be ironed out in time & that the whole enterprise is worthy of support.

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      How many are out?

      I just got the Carlow one today

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      4 so far
      Laois,Carlow,Fingal & South County Dublin
      I think 3 more will follow soon

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      Paul Clerkin

      Some more info here:

      They’re a very attractive package between the bilingual book and the CD-ROMS. I have the set of four published so far. I havent had the time to slip them into this machine yet but will have time tonight to produce a review.

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      Paul Clerkin

      One point I’d like to make and its superficial – the packaging for the CD-ROMs… lets face it the disks are going to spend most of their time on the desk…. not in a cardboard pouch that doesnt stack and will get squeezed out of shape in a bookshelf… could jewel cases not have been used for the CDs

      dvd boxes would have really given it an air of class… imagine if you will… a few years down the line, and you have 26 boxes on a shelf above your pc with NIAH on the spines…. a massive resource.. pricing a recent proposal, i could get DVD style plastic boxes for 40p stg each when i bought a thousand…

      otherwise its an absolutely fabulous project…. and I look forward to having the inventory for the 26 counties…

      i would kill to have the data on

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      Thanks. Now managed to get South Dublin also. Who has them all for sale in downtown Dublin?

      Dont like the idea of
      – half the volume being in Irish, Carlow volume is only 68 pages in English (x2).
      – database software, not run yet, is not properly described, is it propretary software or what?. Call me old fashioned but I like to know this before I stick it up.
      – the CD packaging, as you say not very lasting and easily damaged. Already damaged in some copies not yet sold.
      – plastic sleeve, once open does not reseal.

      Do like

      – the quality of the photo printing
      – the price, even if it would be cheaper if all in english

      About to try the CD’s
      Do I feel lucky? Blue screen of death coming on?

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      Paul Clerkin

      Although sold together, the book and disks are going to be seperated which is why a nice durable pack for the disks would be desireable….. may go and buy some blank boxes for the disks myself.

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      Should’nt have joked about the blue screen of death – system froze up with the maps.

      Managed to get them running – sort of

      And why is Acrobat v4 used? v5 is around a long time now.

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      Does the South Dublin County include the ‘new’ suburbs of Tallaght, Clondalkin and Lucan? e.g. The Priory and (pre Square) Tallaght Village, the mill and area surrounding the Round Tower in Clondalkin, the vanishing Green Belt of Lucan etc?

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      The version of Acrobat Distiller used is irrelevent for such a simple document. The application is self contained and Acrobat Reader is backwards compatible so it makes no difference what version is used. And would you prefer to trawl through enormous books of paper maps to locate a site such as is the case with the RMP/SMR constraint maps? I think it is a very good package and credit should be given to the NIAH for the initiative to go with this new format. The pdf maps themselves are very substantial in terms of size and that is why they forze on your screen. Stop nit-picking.

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      Excellent books, but I echo Paul’s sentiments on the CD-ROM presentation.

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