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      Anyone know where I could find some info on Grass, moss or turf grass roofs?……..preferably with downloadable CAD details,
      Any info atall………

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      The Center for Maths Science in Cambridge, England, has a grass roof over a central area:

      the web site has a bit of information but not much. It is dramatic building, but not as well loved as somewhere to work as the nearby Isaac Newton Institute.

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      TAnia Rocha

      Just did a reaserch on greenroofs and there are a number of sites you can visit: (you can ask them to send you information – in their brochures are many details)

      I could send you some details but all the text is in Portuguese…

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      ………cheers, that should do me now, thanks aswell Tania, but my Portuguese ain’t up to scratch…

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      If anyone remembers, there was an episode of “Our House” a year or two ago with a couple building a house which had a grass roof. It was covered over a few episodes until the house was completed so it shouldn’t be too hard to get info on it.

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