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      Passing through Dundrum recently i couldnt help but realise there was a consistancy in the design of all the apartment developements under construction. The same materials, construction techniques ect can be seen in all and this seems to be the way all around Dublin at least.

      Is this simply the style of the times because its most economic or am i alone in seeing this trend?

      When most countries go through economic booms, similar to ours, there’s sometimes a great amount of freedom for architects to experiment or create new styles.
      Im curious into what people will recognise as the architecture of this current era?

      I have no problems with the current developements but im curious into how they will age especially when i see so much timber cladding being badly detailed and theres no doubt that most of will not be maintained
      Anyone have any thoughts on this??

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      Yes – there is a ticking time bomb of crap timber detailing on inappropriate apartment buildings alright. Lots of lovely insurance claims and legal actions in 10 years time I suspect.

      Cohesive style? Could it be lowest-common-denominator / low-planning-risk stuff? Perhaps its that some of the bigger firms do a lot of work and have an easily recognisable house style, with a lot of lower grade knock offs floating around in their wake.

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      Not even just the timber cladding but also some of the window systems. I see large curtain walling for the penthouses on 5th floors and wonder what sort of lifespan they have or how they are maintained or can be replaced in 25years should they fail, now i know most have a life span of say 50 years but is that really sustainable design?? some of the window systems are so unique that they’ll cost a bomb for landlords to replace in years….if they bother

      Id agree that are some fine designs JL and probably some low grade imitations without proper consideration for the future of these buildings

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      All penthouses and windows surrounds being built right now seem to be exactly the same. If you take the DART into Connolly (snd btw, WHAT is that white monstrosity of “apartments” being built beside the tracks) and then walk down Talbot street you’ll see the same building in a variety of guises.
      Red or black brick, sort of Georgian pastiche but not very good. Plasticky window-frames (these are now ubiquitous on the northside. Simply the latest fashion, darling). A stepped-back, all-glass top floor surmounting.

      They’re everywhere! Elsewhere on this forum I’ve called it a rash. It’s seemingly unstoppable.

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      Bits of copper-coloured cladding. Hanging facades a la the National Gallery.

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      @shed wrote:

      Im curious into what people will recognise as the architecture of this current era?

      The average Mick and Bridget have their taste well-embedded in their nether regions. With their new money comes a desire to be fashionable, so what they build approximates to what resides where they have their taste – excremental piles. I always thought that the Killarney palaces were unsurpassable in tasteless bling; when in the NW last week I saw their twins. Mayo is as bad as Donegal. How could anyone put red brick capping on a random stone wall? Or put iron railings atop a 100metre fake drystone wall, while at the same time using machined Kilkenny limestone for gate piers? (electronic, of course).

      So, modern Irish “styles” for me are :
      1960’s white emulsion on breeze block interiors. Orange geometric carpets, curtains and furniture.
      1970’s conversation pits, flat roofs, flokati rugs, red bricks and slitty lavatory windows. And a Castiglione rip-off for sophistication.
      1980’s cornflake-box bungalows with crap windows, internal plastic “glazing bars.” Shiny roof slates.
      1990’s more plastic doors and windows; mad roof angles that serve little purpose. Veelux; Cobble-lock driveways and gravel gawrdens.
      2000’s humpy roofs married to inclined planes (a la cow shed kissing a hay barn); ceiling to floor windows and timber cladding. Decking. Bits of copper or brushed steel.

      As for the current fashion on the Ring of Kerry of erecting a dolmen in the front garden of every new one-off …
      Ireland, Mother Ireland, you’re rearing them yet, its enough to make you puke your porridge.

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      @KerryBog2 wrote:

      As for the current fashion on the Ring of Kerry of erecting a dolmen in the front garden of every new one-off…

      This is a joke, right? Please?

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      Well, “every” is a bit of an exageration, but there are several in the Ballinskelligs area and the fashion is growing. I will bring a camera on my next trip. Finishing some work at present so tied to desk, despite the magnificent weather and the fact that the mackerel are in. Wrong job, at least you planners/architects can go do a “site visit.”

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