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      Any thoughts on the subject? Personaly I think it falls short of a circle line route that alot of cities have.
      I believe it should go further. Perhaps connect to the Dart line via Dundrum and UCD or on the northern end, betweeen Ballymun and the airport to the Northern Dart line, possibly at howth jnct.

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      @cgcsb wrote:

      Perhaps sonnet to the Dart line via Dundrum and UCD or on the northern end

      You think it should have 14 lines?

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      what makes you say 14? I think the two should do for now. Perhaps in the future, a third and forth can be added. I don’t think 14 will be required in the next 100 years at least. Sure Paris only has 14 lines

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      alot of people are debating about Metro North but very little consideration has been given to metro west. This is probably indicitave of the lack of denamd for the line, perhaps it would be preferable to have a high frequency bus service instead?

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      A sonnet has 14 lines!!

      Metro west has been debated elsewhere in this forum. In summary: the line connects car dependent suburbs and links major car destinations such as the liffey valley sc and blanch sc. Rail needs to deliver people to pedestrian friendly destinations to attract passengers. It will not be grade separated and thus will only manage 15km/h and will meander. There is no bus journey to prove existing demand for this route. The M50 has just been beefed up with €1bn of extra capacity to attract more cars and make car ownership more attractive for those in the area of metro west.

      Prediction: few passengers.

      on the plus side, it crosses a lot of empty land so it should get a lot of developer subsidies (if there are any developers left to pay them). it will require a new bridge and thus will open a new public transport route across the liffey. it does cross two mainline/suburban rail lines and the red line luas and metro north. Fuel cost is making driving less attractive.

      Prediction: many passengers.

      Lastly: this year alone there is a €5bn hole in the public finances
      Prediction: no metro west.

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      Ah now cgcsb you have corrected the typo which prompted my stupid joke, leaving my stupid joke looking both stupid and mysterious.

      there was another Metro West thread which has been summarized by FT above;

Viewing 5 reply threads
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