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      Hi all, I was out and about taking some shots of LUAS construction today, and noted that what I had originally thought would be fairly cheerless concrete platforms at many locations are now being finished off with nice paving, edgeing blocks and grip-strips.

      I have a fresh update online today with pictures, including a closeup of same.

      Btw, I’ve taken account of the views expressed here about the content being hard to find and navigate – so I have now put all the LUAS stuff together into one sub-site, and it is all (including the pictures taken today) available at:

      Paul, in recognition of the amount of mentions I seem to get from people here, I’ve put a mention of this forum on my own board, and will be including you on my links page in the near future.


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      great ! I live in kingswood and was not at all impressed with the bare concrete surface at our stop, good to know they’re not finished ! must wander up to belgard to see what they’ve done there …

      thanks for the update Gabriel.

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      The high standard of the work on LUAS is good to see. LUAS is proving itself to be a catalyst for improvment in the physical fabric of the areas it passes through.

      In connection with the Stephen’s Green Paving thread…. I notice the tactile edges of the platforms are in grey and not red as is apparently the requirement on pavements.

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      The LUAS platforms are covered by Railway legislation ( much of it coming from the UK Railway Safety principles and guidlines ( RSPG ) so the requirement for tactile paving is for a contrasting colour with the background.

      I’m told the inner city platforms are to be finished in granite so they should look really good.

      Great pics Gabriel, nice to see that its coming together.


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      We have granite coming out our ears in this country.

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