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      Currently the Red & Green Luas lines operate up to:

      00:30am Mon-Sat
      11:30pm Sunday (excluding Bank Holidays)

      This is quite early compared to some of our European neighbours, and there are very poor public transport options after this time available in Dublin.

      The EIS statement for Luas Line F states (link below) that it will operate up to:
      01:30am Mon-Thurs
      03:00am Fri & Sat
      00:00am Sunday

      It seems the RPA recognise a need to change the operating hours for LUAS, so why not change them now? why wait for this project to be completed, and will this change apply to the current red and green lines?
      I hope it does, this would be a great improvement to our city’s transport.:)


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      24 hour is what is needed.

      Prague and Budapest spring to mind, Prague runs limited routes on 40min intervals after 12.30 and Budapest runs a similar limited service at 20-25 min intervals.

      Perhaps some noise-reduction strategies could be look at for the current rolling stock.

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      Ah now we can’t have 24 hour can we, that’s the sort of crazy thought that could introduce dangerous things like integrated ticketing

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      Good idea in theory, but fairly tough on those living beside it.
      Although I live a good 15 min walk from the Luas, I can still hear it rattling along when the wind is in the right direction, when out in my garden.

      Am I alone in finding the immediate surroundings /access ways to several Green Luas stations very poorly lit? Not the actual stations proper. Indeed almost a mugger’s delight some of them, where the local authorities have done nothing to turn former dead ends into well lit and safe places for users.

      Now then go further, either introduce 24hr buses, or end the farce of 24hr bus lanes.

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      I think it may be impossible to run the Luas 24 hours, as there needs to be a time for track maintenance during the night. 24 hour systems like in New York, for example, have 3 or 4 tracks in key parts of the network to switch on to.

      24 hours buses are totally necessary though – and I don’t mean the Nitelink. There are 12 QBCs in Dublin, and hourly night bus in each direction the full length of all of them would be perfect – maybe with a pair of orbital service on each side of the river. It’s a scandal that the Government won’t allow night bus services to take advantage of the subsidy. If the service existed, people would use it.

      Also, the regular bus service should finish at 12 and start at 5 each morning including Saturday and Sunday – it’s just not great how it is now.

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