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      Why are the goverment deciding to build the metro and LUAS to areas such as Tallaght which will not have as great a population as other areas in Kildare and west Dublin in 10 years time. Why cant they just build a railway system for Kildare, Meath and west Dublin instead of spending millions of pounds on a metro.

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      That’s because they are!

      Or as you can probably guess they are talking about it. Before Metro came on the scene. CIE and the government decided to double track to Kildare, build new stations, increase frequency and electrify the line, so by 2300 or possibly sooner, you might even see a DART style system running on this line. Check out the Irish Rail website under Project Kildare or something to that effect.

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      I believe that they intend building 8 commuter platforms at Heuston

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      I think as a student of architecture that these new masterplans for transportation in Dublin offers great oppurtunities for designers to give commuters exciting railway and subway stations to commute to and from the city if the money is there after the tunnels have been dug! Maybe we could see Foster giving Dublin its own version of Canary Wharf metro station for the new developments at the Docks. Lets however not forget that the rest of the country still has an awful transport system and no integrated railway system.Has anybody recently driven on some of our roads.I think they could give Afghanistans infrastructure a run for its money and I hear it easier to get a taxi in Kabul.

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      how about reopening the many closed down railway lines around the country?

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      The Luas and Metro proposals need to be looked at in the context of the overall transport strategy for Dublin. The DTO have updated their strategic plan and you can get some details or order a full copy of “PLatform for Change” from their site
      The question of station design opportunities is an important issue. Some of the potential stations such as Stephens green could be as deep as 20m and over 200m long. They will be significant structures ( even if undergriound ). Hopefully the proposed PPP procurement method will facilitate and not hinder involving the best designers, it would be great to see some local talent being given the chance too.

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      Shane OToole

      Alvaro Siza Viera’s white-tiled station at Lisbon’s Chiado is a wonder of ‘simplicity’.

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      Rory W

      Hopefully when the Luas and Metro stations get built (hope my grandchildren enjoy it)they will be of a decent design. We have the opportunity to create something distinctive along the lines of the Art Deco Metropolitan in Paris or the Underground in London. Its the little touches that make the difference!

      May I refer you to my rant in the Dublin problems section of this site in terms of current government policy

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      The metro in Bilbao is wonderful, Norman Foster entrances and white interior Wow!

      How come Lisbon, Athens and Bilbao all had metro before us? Poorer countries by a long shot. Answers on a postcard to Mary O’Rorke et al …

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